From: Barrett Schroeder
Sent: Sunday, March 04, 2012 2:27 PM
Subject: RE: FW: Press Release

Thank you for writing to me. I believe my press release is accurate and to be absolutely certain I went to and downloaded the "Articles of Freedom" again.

You said the document wasn't about militias. I counted the word "militia" in the document 25 times, along with definitions of militias and encouragement to form militias. I'm not sure how you can defend your statement.

Most of the document is predicated on a belief about the 16th Amendment. Simply put, I do not believe that the 16th Amendment is illegitimate, etc. I've been aware of this and various other conspiracy theories for a very long time and have concluded long ago that they were wrong.

I have included two links to sites debunking these theories on my web site and here. The first one is very thorough and written in plain English. Like the author, I realize that 16th Amendment theories are especially appealing because they involve not paying taxes and that it is very unlikely a believer will change their mind. Unfortunately it wouldn't be practical for me to try to argue these over again via email.

The document uses terms like "act of WAR", "meet that force with equal force;", "Militias have the Right and Duty to repel it" and"self defense" and as I read it one of the things you want to repel or defend against is the collection of the income tax, based on those conspiracy theories.

You didn't mention a specific inaccuracy in my press release. You mentioned that a historical prayer was used and that one attendee worked in the Reagan Administration. But my press release is about the actual content of the document and the fact that people are actively pursuing the agenda it describes in the political arena and otherwise.

Thank you again for writing.

Barrett Schroeder

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Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 6:34 PM
To: Barrett Schroeder
Subject: Re: FW: Press Release

Mr. Barrett

I'm writing to you from New York. Somehow we have received a copy of your press release which is shocking for us to read.

I was the Chief of Staff for the Continental Congress 2009 held to address 14 serious violations of our U.S. Constitution, each of which is devastating our Beloved America. 116 citizen delegates from 48 states spent 11 days -- days and nights -- discussing these violations and looking to our Constitution to see what solutions might stop their action and restore constitutional governance in America.

We had an Opening and Closing Ceremony at the CC2009 - and I was the Master of Ceremonies. We read the prayer used by our Founding Fathers in 1774 at their Continental Congress; we honored America through singing and Readings on the Ideals which have made America great. We honored every State.

You can see constitutional scholars and other experts in their presentations to the Delegates, as well as the Opening and Closing Ceremony at

There was nothing deep dark or undermining to America in this event -- just concerned citizens who don't want to lose what is Fundamental to our Country and our Freedom.

You have associated that event and the amazing document that came out of that effort - called the Articles of Freedom - with a Militia. In no way was any Militia associated with that event. Delegates came from various backgrounds and there may have been individuals who belonged to State Militias - but our interest was on our Constitution and our common devotion to it and our need to stop our elected officials ignoring it and trampling on its principles, prohibitions, mandates and restrictions.

I have no idea who in Idaho has picked up on that document, how they speak of it nor use its content. For any Constitution loving America, the Articles of Freedom not only identifies violations of the Constitution, but gives specific constitutional remedies to government to get back on track. The language is firm as was the choice of those who attended, because they wanted to be heard.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has long identified fine American citizens and organizations who are protective of our Constitutions and Liberties as extremists or domestic terrorists. Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Bob Schulz and others -- who are the heroes of my day for their fearless stand for Liberty in a world that seems to have forgotten America and forgotten why we were Founded and what we exist to protect (Freedom) --- have been identified by SPLC as inspiring hate in America. I question an organization that says it exists to stop divisiveness and hate and does more to promote same than any other group I know.

The comments in your press release are libelous. Please verify your facts before including them in a public statement. If you are running for office, the people deserve your accuracy.

I cannot speak for what is taking place in Idaho behind the scenes with militias or otherwise. We have no contact with militias, though we surely honor our Second Amendment believing the Founding Fathers knew what they were doing.

I can tell you that you have confused an honorable patriotic event in 2009 and a document meant to awaken the American people to wrongs against our God-given Constitution and associated it with other activities of which we know nothing.

Delegates from Idaho who attended the CC2009 include a man who was the Policy Advisor for President Reagan and national organizer of the Bicentennial Celebration for our Constitution; the head of the Idaho Constitution Party; and a long-time patriot citizen who is still going strong when it comes to standing up for our governing documents as the Rule of Law in America.

I would ask you to remove the incorrect information from your press release.