PRESS RELEASE – February 27, 2012

Barrett Schroeder announced today that he has filed as a Republican candidate for Idaho Senate in District 5, representing Benewah and Latah Counties. Barrett served as Chairman of the Latah County Republicans for 10 years and has been recognized as a leader in supporting education and fighting to keep jobs at the University of Idaho, the largest employer in Latah County. Barrett also organized a bipartisan ceremony following the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

Barrett is the manager of his family business, Moscow Hide and Fur, a leader in the natural resources industry, which has provided jobs and done business with hundreds of people from both Benewah and Latah Counties for over 40 years. Barrett turns 40 years old on March 1st, graduated from Moscow High School and the University of Idaho and is an experienced foster parent and a Legacy Lifetime member of the National Rifle Association.

Schroeder stated, “In 10 years of recruiting Republicans to run for office, the best candidates were those who felt so strongly about an issue that they absolutely had to run. For me that issue today is the emergence of Militia groups. As I’ve watched the Tea Party cause be warped into a Militia movement, I feel that I could not live with myself if another Ruby Ridge-type event happened and I didn’t do everything in my power to stop it.”

The new militia group, who hide their names and faces, claims they are not political. The truth is the apparent leader of the group, Jeff Williams, was part of a phony “Continental Congress” and signed a manifesto called “Articles of Freedom”. The document outlines their plans, specifically 1) forming a militia, 2) replacing sheriffs with their own candidates, 3) creating “Citizens’ Grand Juries” to “indict” elected officials and 4) stop paying income taxes, based on a false conspiracy theory about the 16th Amendment.

It appears the group is now acting on their plan, with sheriff candidates lined up in several counties: Kootenai, Benewah and Latah. An Idaho Sheriff would have the power to deputize the Militia to take action. At least one candidate, John Green of Kootenai County, states that he would arrest federal agents.

The Militia’s web site criticizes the Southern Poverty Law Center, who shut down the Aryan Nations in Hayden Lake in 2000.

Schroeder continued, “I want real police, who are accountable to the public, protecting me and my property, not a secret militia. Who protects us from them? The Militia group is pursuing exactly the agenda that they outlined step-by-step in their manifesto and it will force confrontation with the Federal Government. This is dangerous, we have seen how this story ends too many times. The public and the press should insist that every candidate and elected official, from City Council to Congress state clearly and on the record whether they support the Militia’s agenda.”

“Idaho and the United States are facing real issues today, issues of our financial strength and competitiveness in the world, and we need real conservative solutions, not conspiracy theories. If we are at war with ourselves, we will fail. The Militia’s agenda is wrong, their secrecy is frightening, but the most disturbing thing is that people tell me they are scared to say anything about it. Americans shouldn’t be frightened to speak out. Today I am doing my part.”


"Articles of Freedom" document (PDF) | Original Source

(Archived) Page from "Continental Congressman" Jeff Williams stating that "THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do is read, and act on the Articles of Freedom" | Original Source (Palouse Liberty Project is the group that ran local Tea Party rallies)

Items of note:

  • False claim that the 16th Amendment was not ratified and the income tax is unconstitutional (Page 36 in the PDF, labelled page 26)
  • "Prepare to replace any sheriff or county or State government officials at the next election or sooner, through impeachment or recall, who refuse to cooperate" presumably with their plans regarding tax levies (Page 36 in the PDF, labelled page 26)
  • Regarding President Obama's citizenship (Page 55 in the PDF, labelled 45)
  • Citizen's Grand Juries (Page 50 in the PDF, labelled 40 and Page 21 in the PDF, labelled 11)
  • "Any infringement on the Liberty and Freedom of the People as enumerated in the Constitution is an act of WAR against the people and the People and their Militias have the Right and Duty to repel it." apparently they believe that collection of income taxes is such an infringement.(Page 12 in the PDF, labelled 2)

    The Second Wave: Evidence Grows of Far-Right Militia Resurgence by Southern Poverty Law Center
    Includes information on sham "grand juries" and "sovereign citizens"

    Tax Protesters A very clearly written and thorough examination of various conspiracy theories about the income tax and 16th Amendment. Written by a law professor but easily readable by the public.

    Tax protester Sixteenth Amendment arguments Wikipedia article.

    PRESS RELEASE - February 29, 2012

    Schroeder to Law Enforcement: Does Militia Have a Place?

    Idaho Senate Candidate Barrett Schroeder responded today to attacks from supporters of Tea Party / Militia leader Jeff Williams Freeman.

    Barrett Schroeder commented, "The Militia group claims they are not political and only want to help law enforcement. The writings of their leaders and supporters seem to suggest otherwise. Today I am writing to local law enforcement agencies to ask under what specific circumstances, if any, they would call upon the Militia groups for assistance. I also call on all elected officials and candidates to take a specific and clear position on the Militia and the "Articles of Freedom" document, promoted by the Palouse Liberty Project and signed by Jeff Williams, which outlines their goals."

    "When a real police officer comes to your door or pulls you over on a highway, they have identification that clearly shows their name. A citizen can call the office or dispatch center and verify their legal authority. What can a citizen do if an anonymous member of a Militia shows up at their door claiming to be assisting law enforcement?"

    Barrett Schroeder is a Republican candidate for Idaho State Senate in the 5th Legislative District, which includes Benewah and Latah Counties. Barrett served as Chairman of the Latah County Republicans for 10 years.